Club Lux


 Radio Station Listings 

Club Lux can add your station to our platform to help you gain more listeners to your station. Our clean menu selection makes it easier for radio listeners to navigate multiple offers we operate or list on our platform.

Until further notice, the listing of your stations is free. We would love to promote your station on our platform for people to find. To get setup just send us your stream link (Example: http://texthere:portnumber/;stream.nsv) and the name of your radio station, and the predominate genre it plays. Once submitted please allow us 24 hours to set it up.

*If in the future this becomes a paid service you will be notified a month in advance*


Looking for a chance to DJ on one of the stations Club Lux operates? We will train people in the art of DJing and Radio Presenting. No prior experience is required! Club Lux DJs have opportunities to earn money aswell! Your timeslots are fitted around your schedule. If interested contact us here.

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