Whoa Man

[ ] Hey yaw it's your favorite most hated host of #Radio106 Kimmie Kold!! Thats right its a kold world, bundle up! Speaking of bundle when I say mother nature went Gucci Mane *BURR* on 80% of the US, blanketing southern states in snow. Yea its cute on a post card but image a bunch of daiquiri sipping, horseback riding southerners out of heat and water for days due to weather conditions their not accustomed to. Yes, complete chaos. My sympathys to those who were affected. In other news, 2k21 seems to be the kweens reign baby, no cap! Megan the Stallion is currently on her way to graduating college on top of a chart topping career in music she's also interested in becoming a nurse. Shout to niece for being an inspiration to the generation of the Hot Girl! Twerking her way to the top with her latest single"Cry Baby" and a plan b. #HotGirlGoals

Another kween thats already proven she's the original "SAVAGE" the rudegal herself Miss. PRhianna, baby girl went and got to the bag bag! As being a part of the <Rhianna> Navy I've been proud of her on so many levels but even Meek Mill didn't know she'd surpass her own. Rhianna's makeup brand Fenty is now worth a reported 1 BILLION dollars!! Give her her flowers haters and bow down bishes, respectfully.

Last but not least. The Queen of kweens Mrs. Hov herself and the Jr. <Blu Ivy Carter> are at the tip top of the game as well. Yonce dropped her latest pieces of Ivy Park 2k21 and no lie EVERYTHING is EVERYTHING! Get into it! From the materials to the way her and her mini me drip dropped all over the ad of the legend brand. I love to see that she's passing the torch to the first born right before our eyes. Besides, Hov's little honey bun is definitely deserving of it which personally how could you be surprised?! The entire family gives me #Jackson5 vibes, sorry not sorry! For more of the reales of the real rarest of the raw infiltered or processed content download Anchor and favorite #Radio106 and listen to my podcast, follow me on Facebook at #Radio106 or Kimmie Kold on Facebook and Insta. Until next time stay safe!

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